Kさんの入院 付き添いの送り迎え 

入院前、腹部の痛みがあって、緊急で自費の病院に受診しました 費用3000kes








[05:25, 2017/12/18] Namala BashirErdin: Hi , hope all is well this is my end of week expense .
Cash at hand 3200kshs .
Mpessa charges .100kshs.
Transport 800kshs.
Quencher. 740kshs.
Eggs. 80kshs.
Kutesa. 50kshs.
Kirunji. 200kshs.
Bottled drinking water.200kshs.
Refreshment. 230kshs.
Charcoal. 800kshs.
Total. 3200 kshs.




[11:52, 2017/12/20] graham: Good morning the first one is the taking HER to the hospital
I got bedsheets at 400ks
One basin at 200ks
We used 300ks for transport to go me, kirungi and kutesa then she was admitted the 200ks was for the lunch that fist day in hospital on my way home I left kirungi with pocket money to help them with kutesa wen am away worth 500ks still that pocket change was to help in supper and breakfast fast I even paid the motorbike 200ks and I keep 200ks for my mattress
[12:18, 2017/12/20] graham: So I used 1800ks and the 200ks was to my savings the the for the mattress and 100ks was the air time that is the first report satomi
[12:30, 2017/12/20] graham: The second report first I paid the motorbike 500ks for the debt with the lesbian and the constant visits to the hospital I got 2kgs of rice for the lunch and supper at 200ks,soft drink at 100ks,I used 200ksfor transport and kalobayei then am to give kirungi 500 to go to hospital today and am to remain with balance 500 balance on my account deducting 200 for the mattress savings the money is still there now lady.